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Please leave us the plan of your cabinet(s) Length & Depth and material(s) you like and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

(Cabinet's including islands MUST be mounted to their final destination prior to a Laser Template)

Due to covid Please follow up Orders by calling (613)-968-9292 and confirming your request.

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What we have for you!

Laser Templating

Latest and greatest templating tool's, utilizing laser technology allowing for the best possible fit for all projects.

Vinyl Plot Printouts

Vinyl printouts giving the ability to define and design projects on multiple full size products.

Custom Edge Designing

We offer FREE standard Eased and Innovation. We also other have other elegant options like beveled, half and full bull nose, Ogee edging and more.

Fully Licensed and Insured

Fully Certified and Insured with WSIB protection and compliant with Ontario's Health and Safety Regulation practices.

CAD Virtual Editing Software

This is where we utilize our modern templateing tools to a CAD editing software achieving precision designs for your projects.

Customer Service

Our customer service is well established in the Quinte area and Prince Edward County as friendly, efficient and dependable.






-Office / Desktops

-Window sills

-Fireplace Hearths



-Newly constructing homes

-Food industry bacteria resistant needs

-Executive / Board Room Desk

Outdoor Area's

-Grill tops

-Patio tables

-Bench seats

- Fireplace covers

Specialty Service's

-Items requesting an unconventional design


-Granite Restoration

-Granite Accessories

-Access to commercial warehouse location's

-Customized Granite/Quartz Counter Tops.

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